July 9, 2002

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Riverdale Planning Commission held Tuesday, July 9, 2002 at 6:30 p.m. at the Riverdale Civic Center.

Members Present:           
Shelly Jenkins, Chair
David Hurst
Don Farr
Sheila Noe
Kathy Tanner

Members Excused:           
Brent Coleman
Greg Limburg

Others Present:           
Randy Daily, Community Development Administrator
Mike Junk, City Prosecutor
Sergeant James Ebert
Michelle Douglas, Planning Commission Secretary

Pam Stephenson-Cathemer   
Cary Dunn
Ed Keegen


Commissioner Jenkins called the meeting to order and welcomed all those in attendance.  She excused Commissioners Coleman and Limburg and acknowledged that all other Commissioners were present. 

Consideration of Minutes

Motion      Commissioner Tanner moved to approve the minutes of the June 25, 2002, preplanning work session and regular Planning meeting as amended and to waive the reading.  Commissioner Noe seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Conditional Use Permit / Home Occupation Application

Pam Stephenson-Cathemer – Nail Technician

Ms. Cathemer was present at the meeting to discuss her conditional use application for nail technician services.  Ms. Cathemer informed the Commission that she is a licensed nail technician, and she will provide services by appointment only.  She explained that she anticipates only have three to four clients per day, and her clients will park in the driveway.

Motion      Commissioner Noe moved to grant the conditional use permit for a home occupation located at 4064 South 650 West for Pam Stephenson-Cathemer, Nail Technician, as requested.  Commissioner Hurst seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Final Site Plan Review and Recommendation to the City Council for an Iceberg Drive-In and In-line space building located at 4137 South Riverdale Road

Mr. Cary Dunn was present at the meeting to discuss the final site plan for the Iceberg Drive-In and retail building located at 4137 South Riverdale Road.  Mr. Dunn presented the Commission with colored elevations and a landscaped plan of the site.

Commissioner Jenkins informed Mr. Dunn that the Commission discussed a few issues during the preplanning meeting regarding the site plan, which they had not discussed previously, such as the detention pond.   She went on to say that gravel was not a top choice for the detention pond and inquired if Mr. Dunn had any other proposals.  Mr. Dunn indicated that sod had been evaluated; however, it is difficult to maintain.  A detention pond is better to maintain with granite cobble, which is a fist size stone that would be seen in the Arizona area in general.  Mr. Dunn explained that when this type of scenario is utilized, it’s either too wet or too dry; and it typically kills whatever is planted in the area.  Mr. Daily pointed out that a detention pond is a storage area for the water runoff until the water is metered off into the City’s storm drain.  Mr. Dunn inquired if the Commission had any suggestions as to what they would like.  Commissioner Jenkins stated that they talked about gravel in the bottom of the detention pond; however, there was a concern with rocks being thrown through windows.  Mr. Dunn replied that has been a concern in the past, but it has never occurred.  Commissioner Jenkins added that in Arizona she has seen detention areas constructed with finer gravel.  Mr. Dunn added that they are constructed with varying colors as well, and it creates patterns with the different colors.   Mr. Dunn indicated that they could try and do something that would match the same coloration as the stamped concrete in the site plan.

Discussion followed regarding signage for the site.  The Commission pointed out that the proposed pole sign is almost the same size as the monument sign for the Riverdale Center II development.  Commissioner Jenkins went on to say that the Commission is hoping Mr. Dunn would be willing to have some flexibility in regards to the signage for the development.  Mr. Dunn explained that the proposed sign is mainly for the retail building.   Mr. Daily scaled out the allowable signage for the proposed site; he noted that the retail building would be allowed to have 330 square feet, and the Iceberg Drive-In would be able to have 110 square feet for a total of 440 square feet.   Mr. Daily informed Mr. Dunn that their total allowable square footage is a combined total for their building signage and pole signage, and they have limited their building signage with the size of their proposed pole sign.  Mr. Dunn indicated that he was not aware that their total signage was a combined total, and they would be willing to reevaluate the pole sign.  In addition, it was thought that the final concept of the sign should go before and be approved by the design review committee.

Mr. Dunn explained that two feet of landscaping to match Boyer’s sod had been placed around the perimeter of the development.  Within the perimeter of the site, the landscaping consists of bushes, trees, and a fine mulch with a drip irrigation system.  It was pointed out that there is no landscaping around the Iceberg building.  Mr. Dunn explained that is because they need room for people to walk around the building in view of the fact that there is a walkup window.  The Commission asked if planter boxes could be provided around the patio area.  Mr. Dunn stated that he could not commit to anything within that area. In addition, he doesn’t know if there is enough room; he will have to check with Mr. Beecher.  Mr. Daily added that there is no planting in the winter; furthermore, you don’t know what you will get from year to year, and the planter boxes become garbage cans or ashtrays.  He would feel better if they did something with the east end of the building and left the patio area alone.  Commissioner Jenkins state that she was in favor of seeing some landscaping on the east side of the Iceberg building; some type of vegetation that would be similar to the retail building.  Mr. Dunn indicated that he could commit to doing that.

Commissioner Noe pointed out that the elevations of the retail building showed entrances on three sides of the building; she inquired if the building would have entrances on three sides.  Mr. Dunn explained that the building could be flexible and it can vary; however, there will not be a door on the south side of the building.  Mr. Daily reminded the Commission that the elevations are just a concept design, and the design review committee could address the design of the building as well.  Mr. Daily referred to the stamped concrete, and he advised Mr. Dunn that due to ADA standards and for snow removal reasons, it would be best not to utilize the stamped concrete by the entrances to the buildings.

Motion      Commissioner Tanner moved to recommend to the City Council approval of the final site plan for an Iceberg Drive-In and in-line space building located at 4137 South Riverdale Road as follows: the water detention pond should have decorative rock with varying color and size; the signage should go before the design review committee for review and approval; there shouldn’t be an entrance on the south side of the retail building; and additional landscaping should be included to the site plan on the east side of the Iceberg Drive-In building.  Commissioner Hurst seconded the motion.   The motion passed unanimously.

Preliminary Discussion for an IHOP Restaurant located at approximately 947 West Riverdale Road

Mr. Ed Keegen was present at the meeting to discuss the preliminary site plan for an IHOP restaurant located at approximately 947 West Riverdale Road.

It was noted that there are parking issues with Home Depot, and Mr. Daily has spoke with them regarding such.  Mr. Daily informed the Commission that IHOP is well within their parking ratio; they have 54 parking stalls.  Furthermore, Home Depot has adequate parking.

Commissioner Tanner indicated that when Home Depot’s tool rental center was approved, the minutes reflect Parcel “A” was reduced to accommodate parking for the tool rental center.  Mr. Daily explained that when the parking ratio was calculated, the sales floor area was calculated separate from the rest of the other uses in the store, and Home Depot provided an extra 20 parking stalls.  Of those extra 20 parking stalls, IHOP has eliminated 11; and there are nine of the parking stalls remaining.  Commissioner Tanner pointed out that Home Depot is giving up something that they promised in order to get to their tool rental center; she added that she went to Home Depot on Saturday, and she counted 140 non-usable parking stalls.  Mr. Daily said that Home Depot has enough parking.  The parking isn’t the issue; it’s what they do with their parking.  Mr. Daily informed the Commission that Mr. Geilmann and he were considering looking at creating an ordinance addressing parking lots and how they can be utilized.

Mr. Daily stated that the parking situation at Home Depot is an enforcement issue, and right now Home Depot is going through a total revamp of their entire store.  He noted that there has never been this much of a parking issue at Home Depot before.  Mr. Keegen added that IHOP has a decent working relationship with Home Depot, and they won’t tolerate Home Depot taking their parking stalls.  It was inquired how the City would enforce the parking standards.  Mr. Daily explained that the City would require Home Depot clean up their parking area.

Mr. Keegen informed the Commission if they were looking at enforcement issues, and Home Depot needs nine parking stalls, they would deed nine parking stalls back to Home Depot if they had to; however, they would prefer that Home Depot comply with the parking ordinance.  Mr. Keegen went on to explain that IHOP’s property acquisition is complete with Home Depot, and the parking situation was a surprise to him.  He explained that somewhere down the line, there will probably be cross access parking.  Mr. Keegen inquired if the parking was just an enforcement issue or did something else need to be done?  Commissioner Jenkins felt the situation with IHOP and the previous approval of the tool rental center gave the City a better position to enforce the parking at Home Depot.

Discussion followed regarding the building material for the proposed IHOP.  Mr. Keegen informed the Commission that during the last discussion it was inquired if building materials could be upgraded.   Mr. Keegen explained that brick veneers, which match the Wal-Mart development, wainscots and column details were added.   He went on to say that they upgraded the façade and added some elevations; the balance of the building is an EFIS material.  A color pallet of the building was presented; the base building is a cream color, and around the top is a red stripe.  There are two blue tones; the one blue is the blue coping around the top and the other blue is for the canopies.

Mr. Keegen went on to discuss landscaping, which the Commission asked him to address during their last meeting.  Mr. Keegen informed the Commission that he has been working with a landscape architect from Salt Lake City, and he has been assured that the planting materials being utilized are drought tolerant.  He explained that the landscape drive isle was widened to increase the percentage of landscaping, and a bench wall seating area with some stamped concrete was incorporate at the entrance as well as requested (the bench concept).  It was noted that 4 percent of the landscape ratio is hardscape.  It was pointed out that the Commission believes the overall landscape plan looked good; however there is a landscape island, which is shared with Home Depot, and it would look nicer if the other half of the unfinished landscape island was landscaped.  Mr. Keegen indicated that could be accommodated.

Mr. Daily referred to the utility plan, and he informed the Commission that Mr. Moulding has requested that the water meter be placed in the park strip on 900 West.

Discussion followed regarding the lighting for the proposed development.  Mr. Keegen presented the Commission with a photometric plan.  Mr. Keegen explained that the numbers on the plan are the foot candles for the lighting, and the higher the number the more adequate the lighting.  The parking lot lights are three-foot candles and that is ample lighting for a parking lot.  Sergeant Ebert inquired if there would be adequate lighting around the dumpster area where there would be employees after hours.  He expressed concern that this would be a vulnerable area for IHOP’s employees at night, and he suggested that an appropriate amount of lighting be installed in this specific location.  Mr. Keegen explained that there is a light inside the dumpster area; however, there would be no problem adding some additional light for the area.

Mr. Keegen informed the Commission that he has not made any changes to the signage package; they are proposing a 40-foot sign.  Mr. Daily informed Mr. Keegen that the ordinance specifies the pole sign has to be one foot off their property line with the leading edge.  Commissioner Jenkins inquired if the other Commission members were comfortable with a 40-foot sign since the Commission is reviewing the sign ordinance; it could change.  Mr. Daily reminded the Commission that the sign ordinance allows 40 feet; in addition, they are allowed 240 square feet of signage, and they are only utilizing 213 square feet.  Sergeant Ebert added if you set a sign back too far off Riverdale Road, individuals won’t see it; and when they do see it, it will be too late.  They are going to kill themselves trying to get where they want to go; they will stop in traffic to get over.

Motion      Commissioner Tanner moved to approve the preliminary site plan for an IHOP Restaurant located at approximately 947 West Riverdale Road as amend within the minutes (the addition of lighting by the dumpster location, the relocation of the water meter to 900 West, the signage, and the completion of the one landscape island).  Commission Hurst seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Recommendation to the City Council regarding proposed amendments to Title 10, specifically adding a new Chapter, Sensitive Lands Overlay Zone (SLO)

Mr. Daily explained to the Commission that he would prefer to discuss the next two agenda items regarding proposed amendments to Title 10 when all Commission members were present.  He inquired if that was acceptable with the Commission members.

Motion      Commissioner Hurst moved to table the agenda item.  Commission Noe seconded the motion.   The motion passed unanimously.

Consideration Discussion regarding proposed amendments to Title 10, specifically adding a new Chapter, Special Use District, Light Manufacturing / Business Park (LMBP)

The agenda item was not discussed.

With no further business to come before the Commission at this time, Commissioner Farr moved to adjourn the meeting.  Commissioner Hurst seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:20 p.m.

Attest:                                                                                      Approved: July 30, 2002

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