April 23, 2002

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Riverdale Planning Commission held Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 6:30 p.m. at the Riverdale Civic Center.

Members Present:           
Shelly Jenkins, Chair
Brent Coleman
Don Farr
Greg Limburg
Sheila Noe
Kathy Tanner

Member Excused:           
David Hurst

Others Present:           
Randy Daily, Community Development Administrator
Mike Junk, City Prosecutor
Michelle Douglas, Planning Commission Secretary

Commissioner Jenkins called the meeting to order and welcomed all those in attendance. She excused Commissioner Hurst.

Consideration of Minutes

Motion      Commissioner Tanner moved to approve the minutes of the April 9, 2002, preplanning work session and regular Planning meeting as written and to waive the reading.  Commissioner Limburg seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Conditional Use Permit / Home Occupation Application

John Haaser – Lawn Green LLC

Mr. John Haaser was present at the meeting to discuss his conditional use application for a home occupation business license.  Mr. Haaser lives in an R-1-8 zone, and he owns the home.

Mr. Haaser informed the Commission that he intends on running a lawn care business from the home.  He will utilize lawn mowers and a seven by fourteen foot enclosed trailer in conjunction with the home occupation; the trailer will be parked on Mr. Haaser’s driveway.  Mr. Haaser explained that he has one part-time employee, and the employee does not come to the dwelling.

Motion      Commissioner Limburg moved to grant the conditional use permit for a home occupation located at 3862 South 850 West for John Haaser, Lawn Green LLC, as requested.  Commissioner Coleman seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Mike Wilcox – Mike Wilcox Lawn Care

Mr. Mike Wilcox was present at the meeting to discuss his conditional use application for a home occupation business license.  Mr. Wilcox lives in an R-2 zone, and he owns the home.

Mr. Wilcox informed the Commission that he intends on operating a lawn care business from the home.  He will utilize lawn mowers and a ten foot trailer in conjunction with the home occupation; he explained that he lives on a farm, and they will store the trailer on the farm (Mr. Wilcox’s father-in law’s farm, Ted Combe).  Mr. Haaser explained that he and his son Tony will run the business together.

Motion      Commissioner Tanner moved to grant the conditional use permit for a home occupation located at 5424 South 600 West for Mike Wilcox, Mike Wilcox Lawn Care, as requested.  Commissioner Farr seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Conceptual Discussion for Olive Garden Restaurant located at 4079 South Riverdale Road

The petitioner was not present at the meeting to discuss the issue; the item was struck from the agenda.

Conceptual Discussion for Iceberg Drive-In and conversion of Riverdale Pie Company building into an In-Line Space building located at 4137 South Riverdale Road

Mr. Tod Jones was present at the meeting to discuss the conceptual site plan for the parcel located at 4137 South Riverdale Road.  The parcel is the existing location of the Riverdale Pie Company, which is no longer in business.  Mr. Jones indicated that the parcel is under contract and they will close on the property subject to approval of the site plan.

Mr. Jones said that the proposed concept is to convert the existing restaurant into an in-line space building and to construct an Iceberg Drive-In north of the existing restaurant as shown on the conceptual site plan.  He went on to explain that the existing building will be renovated and reduced in size (a portion of the front and back of the building would be removed) from approximately 53,000 square feet to approximately 47,000 square feet.  Mr. Jones informed the Commission that Mr. Daily indicated that the elevations of the buildings should look similar to the surrounding properties, and he would be willing to conform to the standards of the surrounding area.

Mr. Jones explained that landscaping for the site is very tight; the plan shows more landscaping than exists in order to meet the 20 percent requirement.  In addition, the park strip area was included in the ratio to meet the 20 percent requirement.  Mr. Jones went on to say that the improvement would provide a larger landscaped area on the corner and at the entrance to the development.

It was inquired if there should be a cross easement with the in-line space on the south.  Mr. Daily noted that there is an existing cross easement on the west side of the parcel in question, and he doesn’t see the necessity of an additional one on the south side by Petco.  Commissioner Jenkins questioned why Mr. Daily thought the cross easement was not necessary.  Mr. Daily explained that The Boyer Company  has provided a cross easement into the center without having to go out onto the road; Sergeant Ebert added that there is not a lot of room in the area, and they don’t want to create the same problems that currently exist with Chili’s.

Discussion followed regarding traffic on Riverdale Road.  Commissioner Limburg informed Mr. Jones that it was his opinion that the access onto Riverdale Road from the proposed site should be a “no left turn”.  It was explained that when the Lowe’s site was being considered, traffic and left-hand turns were a concern, and it would be with this development as well.  Mr. Daily informed the Commission and Mr. Jones that the State allows the City to dictate and restrict left turns within City limits from the development onto the road, and the City would require a “right turn only” at this proposed location.  Sergeant Ebert suggested that the developer identify an access and an exit for the development; he went on to say that there are very few breaks in traffic at the signal located at 300 West and Riverdale Road and people try to beat the light. 

Mr. Jones stated that the site was good as far as access, and he doesn’t anticipate that all of the traffic would come through one access.  Commission Jenkins inquired if Mr. Jones had a traffic engineer evaluate the site.  Mr. Jones replied he did not; they have not changed any of the accesses to the site.

It was inquired if the Iceberg Drive-in would have to utilize the dumpster location on the south side of the development.  Mr. Jones informed the Commission that they would; originally, the dumpster was located toward 300 West; however, Mr. Daily indicated that they would not want the dumpster visible from the street.  Iceberg made a concession, and they have agreed to utilize the dumpster on the south side.

Discussion followed regarding parking ratios. It was questioned if 28 parking stalls for the development meet the City’s standards.  Mr. Daily explained that it does; he went on say that drive-up windows require the capability to stack four vehicles, and the number of tables for the restaurant would be restricted according to the parking.

Mr. Daily informed the Commission that there is one issue with the existing building.  He explained that the existing building is nonconforming on Riverdale Road because it does not meet the required 20-foot setback on a corner lot.  He indicated that the east side of the building is currently five feet off of the property line, and the building needs to be reduced on the east side by 15 feet to bring the building into conformance; in addition, if UDOT were to widen Riverdale Road, there would be adequate room.   Commissioner Tanner added that if the building were reduced and cut back on the east side, it could make it easier for the developer to meet the 20 percent landscaping requirements.  In addition she noted that due to drought conditions, the Planning Commission does like Xeriscape elements in landscaping even some hardscape elements could possibly be incorporated.

Commissioner Limburg stated for the record that the company he works for does extensive business with Iceberg Drive-In, and he wanted that known prior to any preliminary or final site plan review.

Conceptual Discussion for an Auto Body Repair Shop located at 4046 Pacific Avenue.

The petitioner was not present at the meeting to discuss the issue; the item was struck from the agenda.

Conceptual Discussion for property located at approximately 4250 South Riverdale Road (Newman Property), General Plan Area Eight

Mr. Gene Babilis and Mr. Curtis Tanner were present at the meeting to discuss development of the property located at approximately 4250 South Riverdale Road and the property behind to the east.  Mr. Tanner indicated that an additional parcel had been purchased and added to the overall scheme of the site plan; it is the Mir Auto parcel, which is next to Ruby River, and they have discussed the possibility of a large retail tire chain at that site.  Furthermore, they are looking at purchasing the Kearl parcel with is located on 300 West.

Mr. Tanner explained that they have discussed retail uses on Riverdale Road, and the commercial uses would cut back into the property to about the second or third parcel on the north (approximately 500 to 550 feet back off of Riverdale Road).  And on the back side, off of 300 West, they are proposing residential condominiums.  Mr. Babilis explained that the only way to make the residential condominiums work, would be to have the additional commercial to the east.  The additional proposed commercial would require a rezone of property. It was noted that 500 West would be the focal point of the entrance to the condominiums.  They have a proposal on a home in the 500 West area that is in foreclosure, and they would attempt to buy out the older homes in the area as well.

Discussion followed regarding the reconfiguration of 300 West.  Mr. Babilis indicated that they have spoken with Gilson Engineering regarding such, and Gilson mentioned that they are considering the possibility of splitting the road, and the lane going up 300 West would be lower than the lane going down and there would be a landscaped island in the middle.  It was explained that the area off of 300 West has never been approved to have access, but with the terracing of 300 West, it might be different.  In addition to the access point on 500 West, there would be a main entrance located east of the Valley West apartments across from the Shopko area, and another one off of 300 West.

Commissioner Limburg informed the developers that there is an extreme amount of water in the area, and they have concerns with the topography as well.  Mr. Babilis informed the Commission that they are aware of the water, and that is their biggest concern.  He went on to say that at one time the water had been in pipes; however, it is not anymore so they channeled the water by means of a ditch, and the water dried up.  As far as the topography, the developers do not believe is will be much of an issue. Mr. Babilis noted that the area east of the Valley West Apartments is flat all the way across, and there is about ten feet in difference from the existing road alignment to the property.  If the road is terraced, it would be approximately five feet.

It was questioned based on the age and category of the existing apartments, what type of project the developers are projecting.  Mr. Babilis explained that the property is very isolated from the existing apartments, and they will take advantage of the trees.  The condominiums would be in the price range of approximately $130,000 to $140,000, and they would have a garage.  He went on to explain that there wouldn’t be any basements and because of the topography, there could be some units with drive-in lower levels with upper levels.  The design of the entire development would have to be worked into the topography.  The Commission stated that they would want to see how the developers planned on securing the hillside.  Mr. Babilis informed the Commission that they would want to as well; they don’t want to be liable for that type of situation.

Commissioner Jenkins noted that the proposed condominiums do meet the goal of the General Plan, but the additional commercial does change the scope somewhat.  Mr. Daily explained that the commercial property on Riverdale Road being considered as a part of this development is in the RDA area, and any use would require RDA approval.  Furthermore the existing zoning is C‑2, and a tire store is a conditional use.

Mr. Daily advised the developers that his recommendation is to take the Commission’s feedback to the City Council and RDA; propose how much property they want to rezone into a commercial zone, and rezone the property into a more diverse commercial designation that would allow higher end commercial uses.  He stated that the potential for commercial is there.

Discussion followed regarding environmental issues.  It was questioned if seismic, Corp, or geotechnical issues have been discussed with the appropriate individuals or evaluated. Mr. Daily added that the City would need a geotechnical study to determine how much of the area could be developed prior to the project moving forward.  Mr. Babilis explained that the contract they have is finding where the water is. Mr. Daily stated that the City would have to evaluate the issue of how much water is in the area, and determine if the City has the capability to take care of that amount of water.   Mr. Babilis reiterated that they have channeled the water, and there is no more water; it’s the same amount.  Commissioner Jenkins stated that some type of drainage system would need to be put in place to take care of the amount of water in the area.

Some of the residents that live on 500 West were present at the meeting to hear the proposed development and access onto 500 West.  The residents indicated that they have noticed a huge difference in the amount of water; water is running down the street and their pumps are running nonstop.  Mr. Phillip Jensen stated that the water is running down the ditch; he added that 500 West has all of the traffic it can handle now. It takes an inordinate amount of time to get onto Riverdale Road, and he doesn’t know how it could handle more traffic without a traffic signal.  Mr. Daily informed all those in attendance that the state has approved a light at that location when it is warranted. 

Commissioner Tanner inquired what the office/shop on the conceptual plan was.  Mr. Babilis indicated that the current zoning of R-4 allows for office space.  They are looking at residential and office condominiums.  Commissioner Tanner questioned if they had adequate parking for such.  Mr. Babilis replied that the road keeps changing, and they don’t know about additional parking or the road design into the development until the road design is finalized and because some of the property might be utilized for 300 West.

Commissioner Jenkins recapped the discussion; she indicated that there are water issues in the area, an issue with a traffic signal on 500 West, issues of ingress and egress on to 300 West, which is dependant on the road design of such.  In addition, a rezone of property would be required to accommodate the proposed development.  Commissioner Jenkins went on to say that Area Eight of the General Plan specifies:

It has good views.  Recommendation for land use is planned unit residential development with a detailed access analysis to be conducted prior to development approval.  Planned unit development type of development would best utilize the land and would provide minimum number of access points.

It was thought that the plan utilizes the maximum number of access; however, the planned unit development is the right concept.   Mr. Daily added that commercial uses that are continuous to residential areas are too close; he doesn’t want to add more negatives to the residential uses.   Commissioner Jenkins finalized the discussion by telling the developers that the reality of high commercial such as a tire store is not totally promising.

Preliminary / Final Site Plan review for the May  Company located at 1134 West Riverdale Road

Mr. Stan Hoffman, representative for DDRC, was present at the meeting to discuss the proposed site plan for the May Company.  Mr. Hoffman explained that acquiring a company like the May Company is a long term process, and the transition started approximately two years.  He went on to say that the May Company evaluated several sites, and they elected the Riverdale quad as their selected area.  He stated that seldom do they have the opportunity to recycle an existing building with a potential tenant such as the May Company.

Mr. Hoffman informed the Commission that the proposed amendments are in the Wal-Mart area of the Family Center North and there are parking and landscaping issues.  He stated that he would like to discuss the site plan issues, Mr. Arverd Taylor would address engineering issues and Mr. Alex Malinich and Greg Trost would address architectural issues.

Mr. Hoffman explained that the existing building would be expanded in two directions.  The May Company requires a certain amount of square footage.  It would have been easier to leave the existing building as it is and to add the façade without the additional expense; however, that is not what they have chosen to do.  Mr. Hoffman went on to say that a free standing building is a new concept for Meier and Frank.  The building would be expanded 25,000 square feet and the landscaping would be increased by approximately 10,000 square feet, and the landscaping will soften the look and feel of the building.  Mr. Hoffman stated that Meier and Frank would raise the quality of retail and attract uses that they have not been able to previously attract.  It was questioned if Meier and Frank would have any other signage other than the signage on the building.  Mr. Hoffman indicated that Meier and Frank would be allowed to utilize Wal-Mart’s existing pylon signs.

Mr. Vince Corno, May Company Vice President, addressed the Commission, and stated that he believes the May Company would bring a lot to the table in regards to quality and stability.  May Company is excited about the concept of a free standing facility as they are experimenting with this concept.  He noted that they are currently going through an evaluation process of the existing pylon sign, and if it is utilized, it would not be utilized in its existing condition. It would be of the same caliber as the facility.  Mr. Corno informed the Commission that they acquired ZCMI in 1999, and they are a 14 billion dollar company with 430 department stores.  He went on to explain that this facility would enjoy the limelight of the company because of its new concept, and it would be managed very carefully.

Mr. Alex Malinich and Greg Trost, concept architects with the Lawrence Group, stated that they were excited to be a part of the development, to work with May Company, and to work in a city that they have not been in before.  Mr. Malinich stated that the building in its current state is 115,000 square feet, and they will be expanding the building by approximately 25,000 square feet.  It was explained that the south end of the building would be expanded by 25 feet wide by 60 feet long.  The two main entrances will be on the east façade, which will give a two entrance feature with visual merchandise encased in glass and above that there will be graphic designers to create an aesthetic situation of a high impact at night time.  He went on to explain that the facility would be a beacon at night without offending the adjacent residential area.  

Mr. Malinich explained that the store front would be highlighted by textual glass and above the entrances there would be stand-up signage, and they will not be backlit. In addition, there will be a sign on the south façade.  In addition to the textual glass modifications, the building will be dressed up to make it as high end as it can be; the west portion of the building will be repainted, and the landscaping will remain as it is on that side.

Discussion followed regarding landscaping for the entire site.  It was noted that the site exceeds the required additional 20 percent landscaping by approximately 5,000 square feet.  It was discussed prior to the meeting that it would be more appropriate to redistributed what is currently shown on the north side of the building to the drive lanes.  Mr. Malinich explained to the Commission that he and Mr. Trost are not landscape architects, and they would like to work with those individuals to create the best visual effect to soften the look of the building.

Mr. Malinich went on to discuss the architectural concept for the proposed Meier and Frank.  He explained that the concept is anchored by a lengthy process that is created by a landscape scheme.  They would like to utilize an exterior insulation on the south, east and north sides of the building, which will have a three-color scheme composed of a light, medium, and darker tone.  The darker tone would be at the anchor, and the medium tone would be utilized on 70 to 80 percent of the building.  The building itself would have a consistency of recessions changing the plain of the building in addition to the aluminum and glass.  Finally, a lighting technique, which creates a glow at night and type of kinetic energy, will be utilized as well.

It was noted that during the preplanning work the Commission discussed that the site would add an additional 43 percent landscaping ratio relative to the amount of the expansion.  It was explained that the Commission is concerned with the current drought conditions, and it was questioned if the site could be altered somewhat to include drought resistant materials. Perhaps 30 percent could be utilized for landscaping and 13 percent could be utilized for hardscape concepts.  Mr. Conroe stated that in California they are dealing with the same issues, and he understood.

Discussion followed regarding dumpsters for the site.  It was explained that there is currently no in-store receptacle; the facility will be modified to accommodate an enclosed receptacle.  Furthermore, the existing two bays utilized for truck deliveries will be screened, and the situation will be analyzed to see if issues need to be further addressed.  Mr. Malinich indicated they would work with the landscape architects to do something with the screening wall in an attempt to conceal it.  It was mentioned that Meier and Frank does not generate the same amount of trash as Wal-Mart, and they limit their stock space.

In addition to the renovations to the existing Wal-Mart building, a pad site was added to the site plan.  Mr. Hoffman indicated that they have not created any elevations because it is only being evaluated at this time; however, if they do decided to incorporate the pad site, they would come back for approval.  He went on to explain they want the building to be able to accommodate a drive-thru for flexibility, and the building would compliment the area.

During the preplanning work session parking ratios were discussed.  Typically the parking requirements for a retail store are one space per 200 square feet of sales floor space in the building.  However, Meier and Frank is a department store, which is considered specialty sales, and will not have the same traffic volume as a Wal-Mart store.  Mr. Daily informed the Commission that with the proposed expansion, the site would have one space per 300 square feet of sales floor space, which he believes is adequate; the Commission concurred.

Motion      Commissioner Limburg moved to recommend to the City Council approval of the Meier and Frank final site plan, Plan No. 004-2202-A. Commissioner Farr seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Rezone Request regarding 4.19 acres of property located at approximately 3400 South and 625 West from Manufacturing (M-1) to Agricultural (A‑1)

Mr. Daily explained to the Planning Commission that the Community Development Department is the petitioner for the proposed rezone.  The proposed rezone is the remaining portion of the property that was recently incorporated into Riverdale City from Ogden City.  The property is currently zoned M-1, and Mr. Daily’s request is to rezone the property from M-1 to A-1 merely as a means to put the property into a holding zone until a study can be performed, and it can be determined how the property should be utilized as in the General  Plan.

Motion      Commissioner Limburg moved to recommend to the City Council approval of the rezone petition for the property located at approximately 3400 South 625 West from M-1 to A-1 so the property may be placed in a holding zone until a study can be performed, and it can be determined how the property should be utilized as in the General Plan.  Commissioner Tanner seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Discretionary Business

Mr. Daily stated that he would like to enter a letter into the record and have it read into the minutes as well.  It is a letter provided to the City by Tracy Rawle regarding Check City (were Bill’s Auto use to be).  The letter is as follows:

Dear Randy:

In regards to your inquiry about our future plans for the property located at 985 W. Riverdale Road, our plan is to develop the property into retail shopping.  We do not have any specific plans at this time, but are reviewing various options.

Check City will operate in the existing building throughout the development process.  When the development is completed, our plan is to demolish the existing building.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 801-371-6011.


R. Tracy Rawles


Mr. Daily explained to the Commission that the letter was provided to address the Commission’s previous discussion regarding banner signage and the issues pertaining to such.  He indicated that he has a list comprised of the businesses that do utilize banners, and the attitude of the City administration is there is no attitude.  If problems arise due to safety or they look really bad, they are addressed.  Furthermore, the state has noticed all of the advertising benches in the state right-of-way, and the owners of the benches were told to remove them; only UTA approved benches are allowed.

Mr. Daily went on to say that the City is proactive as far as signage; however, there is an attitude that businesses should be able to utilize what they feel necessary for temporary advertising; the use of temporary signage is not restricted.  It was stated that temporary is the key word; the signage in the City is permanent not temporary.  Mr. Daily said until the City has an ordinance that prohibits banners, the attitude is to take each instance as a case by case basis.

Discussion regarding awnings followed.  Mr. Daily explained that awnings are for visual purposes as well as building protection, and the sign ordinance does not address backlit awnings. Currently, the sign ordinance does not prohibit advertising on awnings.  The Commission stated that awnings would be permitted if they meet setback requirements but not for advertising purposes.  Mr. Daily indicated that he would make the proposed amendment and get it back to the Planning Commission.

With no further business to come before the Commission at this time, Commissioner Farr moved to adjourn the meeting.  Commissioner Noe seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:35 p.m.

Attest:                                                                                      Approved: May 14, 2002

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