February 26, 2002

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Riverdale Planning Commission held Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 6:30 p.m. at the Riverdale Civic Center.

Members Present:
Shelly Jenkins, Chair
Brent Coleman
David Hurst
Don Farr
Greg Limburg
Sheila Noe

Members Excused:
Kathy Tanner

Others Present:
Randy Daily, Community Development Administrator
Paul Olds, City Prosecutor
Michelle Douglas, Planning Commission Secretary

Phillip McCafferty
Ken Shock

Commissioner Jenkins called the meeting to order and welcomed all those in attendance. She excused Commissioner Tanner.

Consideration of Minutes

Motion Commissioner Limburg moved to approve the minutes of the February 12, 2002, preplanning work session and regular Planning meeting as amended and to waive their reading. Commissioner Farr seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Conditional Use Permit / Home Occupation Application

Phillip McCafferty – Phil’s

Mr. Phillip McCafferty was present at the meeting to discuss his conditional use application for a home beauty salon. Mr. McCafferty informed the Commission that he would be providing services by appointment only, and he would only have one client at a time. He also indicated that he would have a separate entrance into the home for the home occupation.

Motion Commissioner Noe moved to grant the conditional use permit for a home occupation located at 532 West 5350 South for Phillip McCafferty, Phil’s, as requested. Commissioner Limburg seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Discussion regarding potential development of 3.36 acres of property located at approximately 4400 South and Cozy Dale Road

Mr. Ken Shock was present at the meeting to discuss potential development of the property located at approximately 4400 South and Cozy Dale Road. The majority of the property is located in Unincorporated Weber County, is zoned manufacturing and consists of approximately 3.36 acres.

Mr. Shock explained that he would like to build a storage shed facility. The facility would be a gated facility, have all interior storage, have an on-site living facility, and have restricted hours. The storage units would be marketed toward individuals not business, and they would not have power in the units. Mr. Shock presented the Commission with photographs of some existing storage facilities, which showed some basic concepts of what could be constructed.

Mr. Shock indicated that the use would be a low traffic impact, and he believes the project could be something that could enhance the area. He went on to explain that he has spoken with the State, and they have placed some limitations on the entry to the property so the project would not impact the corner of 4400 South and Cozy Dale Road.

It was noted that the majority of the property is in Unincorporated Weber County. Mr. Shock stated that he has spoken with Weber County regarding annexation of the property, and they have indicated annexation would be acceptable. Mr. Daily advised the Commission the property is currently zoned M-1; however, the property doesn’t have to come into the City as M-1; the City can designate the zoning when it comes into the City. It was pointed out that the adjoining property in the area is designated as M-1.

Discussion followed regarding the road right-of-way and line-of-site issues with the property. It was explained that the road is not as wide as it could be, and buildings would have to be positioned further back onto the property to prevent line-of-site issues. Mr. Daily went on to say that he believes there were potential positives and negatives associates with the proposed development. There wouldn’t be a lot of traffic; however, there would be the potential of large trucks. The development could create a sound barrier, but there is a preference to keep industrial types of uses away from this area of the City.

Commissioner Jenkins questioned Sergeant Ebert regarding storage shed units and asked for him to give his opinion of such. Sergeant Ebert indicated that he believes it is best to try and not create an environment that interferes with residential areas. However, that is not his primary concern; his concern is that as a community, we choose what we want and what people we are drawing through our community. He explained that at times the public safety personnel do serve search warrants on storage sheds, and the items that are located in the storage sheds are illegal drugs and weapons.

It was inquired if there were adequate services available at the location in question. Mr. Daily explained that water was available; however, sewer and storm drain are not currently available. Mr. Daily advised the Commission that a septic system could be put in place with the approval of Weber County Health Department if they exceeded the distance requirement to hook up to the City’s sewer system. (8-3-1 Distance Requirement: Any person who owns property within the city on which is located any building used for human occupancy shall hookup to the city's sewer system when the sewer is available and within three hundred feet (300') of any property line.)

The Commission informed Mr. Shock that the general area in question has been under review by the Planning Commission in regards to the City’s General Plan, Land Use Master Plan. The area is currently designated as Light Industrial / Business Park / Hotel Node and Special Use District – Light Industrial / Business Park. A public hearing has been set for March 12, 2002, to consider amending certain parcels on the Land Use Master Plan to Landmark Development. It was noted that the particular property in question this evening was not recommended to be amended; however, it was thought that the development would have to transition into the Landmark area, and it would have to look nice. Mr. Daily suggested that a specific overlay zone could be created for the three acres so the property could be rezoned to the specific zone to create the transition.

Commissioner Noe stated that Mr. Shock wouldn’t be able to control what individuals would store; however, masonry block buildings and walls are nice, the hours are acceptable, there are line of site issues and if they are taken care of and there aren’t more problems created; she believes Mr. Shock’s proposed use is a good use for the land.

Commissioner Jenkins reiterated that the Planning Commission and City Council will hold public hearings regarding the Land Use Master Plan to determine what the City Council wants to do with the Landmark Development area. Following the outcome of the public hearings the Commission could give Mr. Shock design elements if he is willing to work with the Planning Commission and work with the line of site issues.

Discretionary Business

Commissioner Jenkins indicated that during the preplanning work session the Planning Commission members discussed temporary portable structures, which the City Council recently addressed in a public hearing. It was explained that the City Council did not move forward with rescinding the ordinance in its entirety at this time; they felt it best to study and document the situation for a year prior to any action.

Commissioner Jenkins informed the other members that she and Commissioner Hurst would be meeting with Mayor Burrows, and she inquired if the other Commission members thought they should discuss the issue of temporary structures with Mayor Burrows to determine if it’s worth trying to improve the ordinance since the City Council did not rescind the ordinance.

Commissioner Limburger stated that the Commission felt the ordinance should be rescinded, and that was their decision; they should stick with their decision. The City Council chose to wait a year and evaluate the situation; he believes the Commission should wait the year.

Mr. Daily reminded the Commission that temporary portable structures are conditional uses, and if the Commission feels conditions needs to be imposed, they can be imposed; however, the conditions need to be reasonable.

With no further business to come before the Commission at this time, Commissioner Farr moved to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Noe seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:50 p.m.

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