February 24, 2004

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Riverdale Planning Commission held Tuesday, February 24, 2004 at 6:30 p.m. at the Riverdale Civic Center.

Members Present:
Greg Limburg, Chair
Brent Coleman
Kathy Eskelsen
Don Farr
Don Hunt
Kathy Tanner

Members Excused:
Allen Miller

Others Present:
Randy Daily, Community Development Administrator
Mike Howard, Assistant City Attorney
Michelle Douglas, Planning Commission Secretary

Stephanie Pinnegar        Wilford DeHart               Rebecca DeHart
Mark Shields                 Brent Herridage              Jay Bollwinkel
Bob Springmeyer           Warren Davis                 Jim Smith
Pam Smith                    Hal LaFleur                    Lorene LaFleur
L. Gibby                        Nancy Brough                Stacey Haws                            

Chair Limburg called the meeting to order and welcomed all those in attendance. He excused Commissioner Miller and acknowledged that all other members were in attendance.

Consideration of Minutes

Motion       Commissioner Tanner moved to approve the minutes of the preplanning work session and for approval of the regular meeting of February 10, 2004 with the amendments that were presented during the preplanning work session; and to waive the reading.  Commissioner Eskelsen seconded the motion; the motion passed unanimously.

Conditional Use Permit / Home Occupation Application

Stephanie Pinnegar – Retail Sales

Ms. Stephanie Pinnegar was present at the meeting to discuss her conditional use application for a home occupation business license for retail sales.  Ms. Pinnegar lives in the Riverdale Mobile Estates and she owns her home, and she presented the Commission with a letter from the mobile home park manager to utilize her home for a home occupation.

Ms. Pinnegar informed the Commission that she purchased some items from an auction, and she plans to sell the items on eBay and at flea markets.  It was inquired if Ms. Pinnegar had the inventory at her home.  Ms. Pinnegar indicated that she would have some inventory at the home.  She explained that right now she has clothing and hammocks.  Commissioner Tanner informed Ms. Pinnegar that as a part of a home occupation, she could not occupy more than 25 percent of her home with inventory.  Ms. Pinnegar indicated that would not be an problem.

Motion       Commissioner Coleman moved to grant the conditional use permit for a home occupation located at 5100 South 1050 West #C-17 for Stephanie Pinnegar, Retail  Sales, as requested.  Commissioner Hunt seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Wilford & Rebecca DeHart – Risk Management Consulting Service

Mr. and Mrs. Wilford DeHart were was present at the meeting to discuss their conditional use application for a home occupation business license for job recruiting services.  Mrs. DeHart indicated that her background is in recruiting.  She went on to explain that she recently lost her job, and she would like to continue in her field of work by having an office in her home. 

Mrs. Dehart added that in the future she would like to be an inventory specialist as well.  She explained that she would go into a home, do an inventory of an individual’s home, and itemize the contents.  It was questioned if Mrs. DeHart would have to be bonded for this service.  Mrs. DeHart indicated that she would be bonded for her own protection.   Commissioner Eskelsen inquired if the Commission could approve the conditional use without knowing if the petitioner has to be bonded.  Mrs. DeHart explained before they got into that portion of their business, they would get everything together and get bonded to protect themselves.  Mr. Howard indicated that he did not see why the state would require it.  Mr. Daily informed the Commission that he would check to see if the State does require bonding and if they do, he would contact Mr. and Mrs. DeHart and get prove of bonding.

Motion       Commissioner Hunt moved to grant the conditional use permit for a home occupation located at 825 West 4100 South for Wilford and Rebecca DeHart, Risk Management Consulting Service, as requested.  Commissioner Tanner seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Tyler Thompson – Production Company

Mr. Thompson withdrew his application; no action was taken.

Discussion and recommendation to the City Council regarding a proposed rezone request for approximately 1.69 acres of property located at approximately 3800 South 1250 West (Parker Drive) from A-1 (Agricultural) to R-1-8 (Single Family)           

Mr. Mark Shields was present at the meeting to discuss the proposed rezone located at approximately 3800 South Parker Drive from A-1 to R-1-8.  Mr. Shields informed the Commission that the landowner does not own the 5,000 square foot parcel to the south of the 1.69-acre parcel; therefore, he would like to request R-1-8 instead of R-1-10 due to the decreased area and frontage.

Commissioner Tanner inquired if Mr. Shields would lose a lot due to the loss of acreage.  Mr. Shields indicated that that he did not think he would; he would just have to cut down on the frontage a little bit.  Mr. Daily informed the Commission if the rezone were approved by the City Council, Mr. Shields would have to come back to the Commission for a subdivision of the property.

Motion       Commissioner Coleman moved to recommend to the City Council to set a public hearing to rezone the property located at approximately 3800 South 1250 West from A-1 to R-1-8.  Commissioner Eskelsen seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Site Plan Amendment to Shady Grove PRUD to allow patio enclosures

Mr. Ed Davis, Champion Windows of Salt Lake, was present at the meeting to discuss the enclosed patio room / sunroom for the resident located at 4014 Meadow Wood Drive in the Shady Grove PRUD. 

Mr. Davis presented the Commission with a picture of the dwelling with the existing patio cover, which had collapsed due to the snow load.  Mr. Davis explained that the sunroom would not extend past the existing patio, and what the Commission sees in the picture is what will be encompassed by the sunroom.

It was inquired if the company would go around and solicit more business in the area.  Mr. Davis indicated that they would not.  He went on to explain that the homeowner called them and requested information regarding the sunroom, and the company provided the information requested.

Mr. Daily questioned how the sunroom would be tied into the existing structure.  Mr. Davis explained that the sunroom will be a gable roof, and it would be tied into the existing roof.  He went on to explain it has a metal portion; and from the existing bearing wall, it would have a stick frame that is tied into the existing roof.

Commissioner Tanner informed Mr. Davis if any homeowner in Shady Grove or any other PRUD wants to enclose their patio, they have to come in to the Planning Commission on a case-by-case basis and have it approved.  

Commissioner Tanner inquired if the Commission should recommend if individuals want to enclose their patios, should the Commission recommend that the patio has to be framed and the roof gabled into the existing roof.  Mr. Howard stated to ensure that future decisions are not arbitrary; the decision should be made tonight on how it should be done.

Motion       Commissioner Tanner moved to approve the site plan amendment to allow enclosed patios in the Shady Grove PRUD contingent upon meeting building code and zoning regulations and with the condition that the sunroom be gable supported and tied in and supported to the existing roofline.   Commissioner Eskelsen seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Presentation by Herridge Group and Associates

Herridge Group and Associates were present at the meeting to give the Commission a presentation of the Master Plan for the 1500 West / Cozy Dale Road area.  Mr. Herridge stated that they would like to give the Commission some indication of what they have been doing up in the 1500 West/Cozy Dale area.

Chair Limburg indicated that the Commission briefly discussed the item during preplanning.  He pointed out that the Herridge Group was contracted by the City Council, and he believes that the proposal should be presented to the Council because they are not a developer, and they are not presenting any plans; however, they are interested in hearing what they have to say.

Mr. Jay Bowllwinkel presented the Commission with a PowerPoint presentation of the Riverdale Entry Master Plan.  He explained the first thing they did was put together a steering committee, interviewed 10 to 15 people and collect information to see what those individuals thought should be in the area and what the future of the area is.

Mr. Bowllwinkel presented a slide of the initial concept.  He indicated that 1500 West and Riverdale Road is a vital area and that is why they made that area with four stars.  He pointed out America First’s clustered area, and they envision two to five story buildings and security is an important feature to them.  He went on to point out the other areas, which they applied a cluster of buildings around America First with a roundabout, and then they presented the plan to the steering committee again. 

Following that meeting with UDOT and the property owners in the area, they found out about Commissioner Farr’s wedding reception proposal, spoke with Red Roof Inn, and a plan that was already done along Riverdale Road, which was provided by the Gibbys.   In addition, they looked at how the  Master Plan would connect with the rest of the community, and they incorporated a crossing over Riverdale road and connected the area with the river corridor and one of the biggest connection, which is 4400 South; however, the original walkway did not work because it went behind America First complex.   So the walkway was redesigned, and it goes in front of the America First complex.

The second Plan brought forward had the walkway in front of America First’s building; shows Red Roof’s site without the round restaurant because they have indicated that they are going to do away with the building, Commissioner Farr’s approved wedding reception plan, and the proposal along  Riverdale Road provided by the Gibbys.

He explained that they could accommodate 200,000 square feet of commercial office space in phase one and add another 40,000 square feet in phase two.  He went on to say that where the theaters are they see some type of residential housing or supportive retail.

Mr. Bowllwinkel presented the final conceptual plan, which was a color rendition of the Mater Plan.  He noted that the buildings are two to five stories, the setbacks are not typical and the buildings could be placed right on property line or close to property line with parking behind the building, which would bring a main street feeling with the building toward the street because you see the building and the architecture and not the parking.  He added that when the buildings are close to the street you have a nice landscape area with a pedestrian feel.

Finally, Mr. Bowllwinkel suggested that the City do something with the intersection of Riverdale Road and 1500 West with some vertical elements.

Mr. Bob Springmeyer addressed the Commission; he explained that they evaluated the amount of commercial office space in north Davis and Weber County; as well as the vacancy rate, the space being absorbed, and the project growth.  He noted that out of that, it looks like 200,000 square feet can be justified in the next five years and another 40,000 square feet of light manufacturing space as well.  He explained that most of those jobs could be what is seen at America First, and possible engineering, and design firms.

Commissioner Farr indicated that with the problems on Riverdale Road, he didn’t know if the towers / vertical elements would work at the intersection of Riverdale Road and 1500 West.  He went on to say he didn’t know if UDOT would allow building to be constructed so close on Riverdale Road (without any setback).  Mr. Bowllwinkel stated that there needs to be some flexibility; he noted that all these setbacks are not in the City’s zoning ordinance.   Mr. Daily said they need to look into where the right-of-way is.  Mr. Bowllwinkel stated the idea is to have something visual; the plan is just conceptual.

Commissioner Farr inquired if the conceptual plan has been applied to the City’s current zoning ordinance.  Mr. Bowllwinkel reiterated that there would need to be some flexibility.  Chair Limburg questioned if the Herridge Group would propose that the City change their zoning ordinance to accommodate the Master Plan.  Mr. Bowllwinkel noted that the City could do that or they could do an overlay zone so the City didn’t have to change their setbacks in other retail areas.

Mr. Herridge explained when they were asked to do the project, they were asked to do something different that gave the City something they did not have. In the proposed area, they are looking for diversification; some type of feeling with balance.  Open space with nice size buildings.  He went on to say this would give a whole new sense to what Riverdale City is, and he would hope this would be a new step in Riverdale’s evolution.  A new use tied together with the trail system back to the east side; a sense of relief – a sense of softening.

Mr. Herridge stated that they are not trying to tell the Commission what needs to happen as far as zoning; this is just an opportunity for them to express what they are feeling and seeing, and the City will ultimately make it happen.

Chair Limburg indicated that it looked good, and he would hope that some of the ideas could happen.  He noted that there are still residents living in the are and construction would not begin anytime soon; it is just a conceptual idea.

Commissioner Farr inquired if the Herridge Group is pushing for the area to be part of a redevelopment area (RDA).  Mr. Springmeyer indicated that they were looking at RDA to use RDA funds to help pay for infrastructure; however, they are not looking at the area for an RDA area.

With no further business to come before the Commission at this time, Commissioner Farr moved to adjourn the meeting.  Commissioner Eskelsen seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Attest:                                                                          Approved:  March 9, 2004

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