January 22, 2002

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Riverdale Planning Commission held Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 6:30 p.m. at the Riverdale Civic Center.

Members Present:           
Shelly Jenkins, Chair
Brent Coleman
David Hurst
Don Farr
Greg Limburg
Sheila Noe
Kathy Tanner

Others Present:           
Randy Daily, Community Development Administrator
Mike Junk, City Prosecutor
Sergeant James Ebert, Riverdale Police
Michelle Douglas, Deputy Recorder
Cody Smith


Commissioner Jenkins called the meeting to order and welcomed all those in attendance.

Consideration of Minutes

Motion      Commissioner Tanner moved to approve the minutes of the November 14, 2001, training meeting as written and to waive their reading.  Commissioner Limburg seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Motion      Commissioner Limburg moved to approve the minutes of the December 12, 2001, preplanning work session as amended and to waive their reading.  Commissioner Coleman seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Motion      Commissioner Limburg moved to approve the minutes of the January 8, 2002, preplanning work session and regular Planning meeting as written and to waive their reading.  Commissioner Tanner seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Conditional Use Permit / Home Occupation Application

Cody Smith – Kitchen Tune-up

Mr. Cody Smith was present at the meeting to discuss his conditional use application for a home business, which would provide cabinet and hardwood floor restoration services.  Mr. Smith lives in an R‑1-8 zone, and he owns the home.

Mr. Smith informed the Commission that he purchased a franchise business, and his franchise area extends from Kaysville to 1300 South in Salt Lake City.  He explained that he would be only running and managing the business from the dwelling. No employees would be at the dwelling and all of the work would be conducted on site.

It was noted that Mr. Smith’s application indicates there will be supplies; such as, varnishes, stains, mineral oil, cabinets, and doors utilized in conjunction with the home occupation.  Mr. Smith explained that the supplies are not utilized at the home.  The supplies are stored in an area below Mr. Smith’s family room.  It was questioned if the supplies are located near the furnace.  Mr. Smith indicated that they are not.  It was inquired if it would be appropriate to request a fire inspection to ensure there are not any potential hazards with the inventory.  It was recommended that a fire inspection should be conducted prior to approval of the business license.

Motion      Commissioner Limburg moved to grant the conditional use permit for a home occupation located at 4078 South 1100 West for Cody Smith, Kitchen Tune-up, with the condition that a fire inspection is conducted to ensure compliance, as requested.  Commissioner Coleman seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Discussion regarding potential development of 3.36 acres of property located at approximately 4400 South and Cozy Dale Road

Mr. Ken Shock was not present at the meeting to discuss the agenda item.

Motion      Commissioner Tanner moved to postpone discussion of the agenda item until the next available meeting.  Commissioner Hurst seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Discussion regarding amendments to the Riverdale City General Plan and rezoning properties into the Landmark Development zone designation

Commissioner Jenkins noted that during the previous discussion it was questioned how close the Ogden Airport is to the area in question, and it has been observed that it is right next to the area.   Mr. Daily indicated that the zoning of the Ogden Airport is interesting, and he said that it appears to him that they are marketing to corporate individuals.  Commission Jenkins explained that light manufacturing would have to fall into place to accommodate some of the people that the developer is looking at as prospective tenants.  Commissioner Noe inquired if the development would have hotels and restaurants.  Commissioner Jenkins said, no not really, and that would leave Riverdale City the opportunity to have those services.

Discussion followed regarding the proposed Landmark area in Riverdale City.  Mr. Daily explained that the agenda item for the evening was discussion only, and that the direction the Commission wants Staff to proceed, whether it is in more research or getting property owners involved before the Commission moves forward.  Mr. Daily reminded the Commission that a public hearing was set for March 12, 2002, to amend the General Plan, Land Use Master Plan.

Commissioner Limburg stated that the majority of the Commission agreed during the preplanning work session that it would not be appropriate to include the Tullis, Larsen, Myers, and Roberts parcels (the parcels south of Riverdale Road) in the Landmark Development area.  Mr. Daily informed the Commission that the Myers have indicated that they would like to be something other than residential for marketing purposes in the future.

Commissioner Noe indicated that she read through the Landmark Development zone, and it appears to her that it is a higher quality setting.  She inquired if the area was rezoned Landmark, and someone wanted to develop something like what is in the area would that fit in.  Mr. Daily said that architecturally it would not fit.  He noted that the Big-D building would probably fit into the Landmark zone architecturally.  Mr. Junk reminded the Commission that existing uses would have grandfather rights.

Mr. Daily referred to the diagram, which outlined the potential Landmark Development area.  The area shows all of the land between Riverdale Road and 4400 South and I-15 and I-84.  Mr. Daily inquired if the Commission thought it made sense to include all of the property in the Landmark Development zone.  Commissioner Limburg questioned where it would cut off at; he indicated that it wouldn’t make sense to have a nice development next to something that would be less than desirable.  Mr. Daily pointed out that Red Roof Inn is in the same area, and it doesn’t fit into the Landmark zone.  As developments come, the City would have to do what it could so adjacent uses wouldn’t be affected.   Commissioner Limburg asked Mr. Daily if he thought too much area was being considered.  Mr. Daily indicated that he did.

Sergeant Ebert added that he thought the last thing the Commission would want to do is use the 4400 South and Cozy Dale Road area as a gateway to the City.  He went on to say that 4400 South is a very poorly designed road at Cozy Dale Road and Parker Drive.  Furthermore, UDOT has indicated that nothing will be done with the bridge on 4400 South. 

Mr. Daily informed the Commission that he envisioned more of a manufacturing use on the north end of the area in question, something like a mini silicone valley.  He wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea to have Landmark uses in this area.  It was pointed out if the entire area isn’t Landmark, there should be some type of transition into the zone.

Commissioner Noe expressed that the buildings from Federal Express to the north are nice looking buildings.  She inquired if it was necessary to incorporate the America First area into the Landmark zone. Commissioner Tanner stated if the America First buildings are not in the Landmark area, and the property across the street is, that would defeat the purpose of designating the area as Landmark Development.  Mr. Daily suggested that the zone designation could carry straight across the street from America First, which would leave all of the property from that point to the north as it is.  Commissioner Noe reiterated her concern that the America First buildings would have to change their exterior if America First left the facilities.  She felt that would be quite an expense.

Mr. Daily explained that the property from the Big-D building to the south is considered the gateway to the City; the property to the north of the Big-D building is not.  Commissioner Jenkins pointed out that the property to the north is visible from I-84.

Discussion followed regarding what area the Landmark Development zone should encompass.  Commissioners Farr, Coleman, Noe, and Limburg indicated that they felt the Landmark area should be from the Big-D building across to I-15 south to Riverdale Road.

Commissioner Jenkins inquired if the landmark area encompassed the suggested area, should the properties to the north of the Big-D building be rezoned into something other than light manufacturing.  Mr. Daily indicated that the General Plan currently designates the area as special use district, light industrial / business park.

The Commission discussed the properties south of Riverdale Road. It was agreed that none of the properties should be incorporated into the Landmark area.  It was questioned if the properties should be reevaluated and designated as something other than it is now.   The Myers parcel is currently designated as residential.  Sergeant Ebert expressed concern with tucking a residential area back away surrounded by commercial.  Mr. Daily indicated that a low impact transition zone designation could be appropriate.  He explained that the Myers don’t think the property should be residential.

Commissioner Jenkins inquired if staff would like to involve Mr. Chong regarding the south side of Riverdale Road and revisit the possibilities at a later date.  Mr. Daily stated that he thought the area might be better suited to be a slow impact / transition zone that would not be a detriment to the adjacent residential area.

The Commission’s final determination regarding which area the Landmark Development zone should encompass are the parcels between Riverdale Road and the Big-D building from I-15 to I-84, and if Staff gets Mr. Chong involved, the properties south of Riverdale Road should be revisited to determine the best designation.

With no further business to come before the Commission at this time, Commissioner Farr moved to adjourn the meeting.  Commissioner Limburg seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:00 p.m.

Attest:                                                                                      Approved:            February 12, 2002

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