Tuesday - August 10, 2004

4600 South Weber River Drive, Riverdale, Utah

6:00 p.m. – Preplanning Work Session – The purpose of the work session is to review maps, plans, paperwork, etc. No motions or decisions will be considered during this session, which is open to the public.

6:30 p.m. – Regular Commission Meeting

1)       Call to Order

2)       Consideration of approval of the meeting minutes.

3)       Home Occupation

a. Christopher Bingham 1232 West 4700 South MTP Photos
b. Macklin Stokes 5003 South 1150 West Stokes Cable
c. Bryon Matthews 4185 South 1000 West Direct Broadband

4)       Consideration of Subdivision of Property located at 937 West 4400 South.

5)       Consideration of amendments to Riverside Site Plan.

6)       Consideration of Final Site Plan Review and Recommendation to the City Council for Carter's Farm Subdivision, Plat "C", Phase 5 located at approximately 3875 South 940 West.

7)       Discretionary Business

8)       Adjournment

         The public is invited to attend all Planning meetings.

         In compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, persons who have need of special accommodation should contact the Planning Commission Secretary at 394-5541 extension 1240

         This agenda has been properly posted and a copy provided to local news media.

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