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Fire Home Page

Open Burn Season

Emergency Preparedness




















4334 South Parker Drive
Riverdale, Utah 84405
(801) 394-7481


The fire code allows residents to have a small recreational fire at their residences. 

Burning Instructions:

  • The fuel area cannot exceed 3ft diameter by 2ft in height.
  • Burning of dry, clean, natural materials.
  • No garbage, plastics, rubber, oils or construction waste.
  • Verify it is a “Green” burn day by checking the air quality forecast.
  • Keep open fires 25 feet from structures or combustible materials. Fires contained in an improved barbecue pit or portable outdoor fireplace require a minimum of 15 feet of clearance. Liquid propane or natural gas pits or grills require 10 feet of clearance. 
  • Have a method of extinguishment readily available.  Keep a garden hose or bucket of water close by.
  • Fires must be constantly attended until fully extinguished.

Recreational Fires




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Riverdale Fire Services
Mission Statement

The mission of the Riverdale Fire Service is to protect life, property and the environment through the delivery of innovative, efficient and quality Emergency Management Services in our community.






Riverdale City - 4600 South Weber River Drive, Riverdale, Utah, - 801-394-5541 - email: info@riverdalecity.com