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4334 South Parker Drive
Riverdale, Utah 84405
(801) 394-7481


Open Burning will be open from March 30th to May 30th  

Burning instructions:

  1. Obtain a burn permit from the Riverdale City Web page (link below).
  2. Verify it is a “Green” burn day by checking the air quality forecast.
  3. Check the weather and if wind is in the forecast, do not proceed.
  4. Put in any needed fuel breaks and have a plan if your fire gets out of control.
  5. Debris should be out in the open and not near structures or under trees that may catch fire.
  6. Have a water supply available.
  7. Tend the fire at all times (failure to do so is a Class B Misdemeanor).
  8. Notify your local fire department dispatch (failure to do so is a Class B Misdemeanor).
  9. You are liable for the costs if your fire escapes control.
  10. Fires must be out cold before leaving the scene (failure to do so is a Class B Misdemeanor).

Open burning regulations through Utah Administrative Code (UAC) R307-202. This rule allows open burning of clippings, bushes, plants, and prunings from trees incident to property and residential clean-up activities, once above conditions have been met.

The State of Utah and Riverdale Fire Department allows for residential open burning of leaves, small branches, grass clippings, and other vegetation. The open burn seasons are now March 30th to May 30th and September 15th to October 30th. Homeowners wishing to burn must complete an open burn permit application with the Utah Division of Air Quality.

To go to the Open Burn Permit Application please click here.






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Riverdale Fire Services
Mission Statement

The mission of the Riverdale Fire Service is to protect life, property and the environment through the delivery of innovative, efficient and quality Emergency Management Services in our community.













Riverdale City - 4600 South Weber River Drive, Riverdale, Utah, - 801-394-5541 - email: info@riverdalecity.com