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2015 Weber County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan
Weber County along with the emergency management from each city within the county has been developing a plan over the last year. In the event of a declared disaster, this plan will allow our agencies to receive federal money to rebuild our infrastructure and city buildings beyond their current condition and allow for improvements to include seismic code upgrades.
FEMA requires public comment to be given for all pre-incident mitigation plans before it will be approved. Once the 30 day public comment period has been met, the plan will be edited with the recommendations that are received. Next, the county plan will be submitted to the State and FEMA. Lastly, once this approval process has been completed, the final plan will be brought back for City approval. Once the plan is approved by FEMA, Riverdale City will be eligible to apply for grants related to rebuilding infrastructure and city buildings to current seismic code in the event of a declared disaster.
To view the plan click here.
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