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Amy Ann Spiers - Chair 
Kent Anderson
Suzette DeMar
Rikard Hermann
Blair Jones
Wanda Ney 
Robert Wingfield

The Planning Commission has a greater opportunity to affect community change than any other public agency.  Planning Commission decisions and recommendations can impose a significant impact on the physical and social development of Riverdale City.  The Planning Commission is a legally authorized function of local government.

The Planning Commission is appointed by Riverdale City Legislative body (Mayor and City Council).   Riverdale Planning Commission consists of seven members who are citizens of Riverdale City.

The major reason for establishing a Planning Commission of local citizens is because planning is too important to be left entirely to City staff.  The Planning Commission represents the values and aspirations of citizens it serves.

The Planning Commission's primary responsibility is physical planning to direct growth and development.  The Commission, in conjunction with the Mayor, City Council, and Staff, sets goals and objectives for Riverdale's future Physical development.  It helps Riverdale attain it's goals by developing and maintaining planning and land management regulations.  These goals and objectives are prescribed in the Riverdale City 1997 General Plan and detailed in Riverdale City ordinance Title 10.

The Planning Commission's broad responsibilities range from review of home-based businesses, to sign regulations, to residential subdivisions, to major commercial development.  Always keeping in check the protection of necessary open space and preservation and regulation of amenities; such as, the Weber River, wildlife habitats, wetlands, infrastructure, land and buildings to insure quality living for our citizens and those who work are recreate in Riverdale City.



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