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Candidate for City Council


5185 S. 1200 W.


Jessica Fiveash

My family and I moved to Utah in 2012. In love with its quiet neighborhoods and amazing recreation, we settled in Riverdale in 2018. Our small, quiet neighborhood, and easy access to anything gives us the best of both city and suburban life. I consider Riverdale the best city for a lively family to call home.

Since moving to Utah, I have been involved in Utah and Weber Education Associations, Indivisible Ogden and Voterise, TRUCE, and Utah Patient’s Coalition. I taught 6th grade and after-school choir in Roy for five years. As an educator, I organized my school’s union membership and served as the UEA Chair for Ogden and Weber Education Associations. I strategized recruitment and helped other chapters grow their membership. I organized member street fairs and led summer leadership academy sessions for UEA. I have spent hours speaking with our state representatives during the general session individually as well as in committee hearings about issues in education as well as patient s’ rights. All of this taught me to listen to differing opinions and find compromises with my win-win attitude.

I will use my coalition-building experience to focus on the greatest good for Riverdale. As a part of the working class and having no big business interests, I am truly here for the people of my city. I also have a great team of community advocates from which I can draw wisdom as needed. 

I want to serve on the city council in order to bring a fresh voice to the table. I believe the best leadership includes the diverse opinions and perspectives of our community. Riverdale and Utah are growing to include people from places all around the US and the world, and I want to add my voice to the narrative.





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