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Councilor Mitchell

Address: 3506 South 575 West
Phone Number: 801-627-2321
Email: bmitchell@riverdalecity.com

My wife, children, and I have lived in Riverdale for 15 years, and we are proud of the Mitchells who helped settle Riverdale and have been a part of this community ever since. I had served on the Riverdale Planning Commission for 3 years, including serving as Chairperson, before being elected to the City Council. I am currently serving as the Chairperson of the Riverdale Elementary Community Council. I have also spent time serving on the Riverdale City Board of Adjustments. Through these experiences, I have gained valuable knowledge about listening to the concerns of the residents, following ordinances, and finding the best solutions.

I graduated from Bonneville High School, and have a degree in Microbiology from Weber State, and a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Utah. I am currently managing a local pharmacy. I have lived in three different neighborhoods within Riverdale and have gained an understanding and an appreciation of the citizens and their different views.

I believe we need a civil and productive relationship between the Council Members and the Mayor in order to achieve constructive results. I am interested in balancing the need for commercial development and tax revenue with the needs of the resident population. The coming years will bring changes to the tax code and significant challenges to Riverdale. We have already started planning for these challenges, and I look forward to continuing to find solutions to them. I am a strong supporter of the recycling program and will participate myself; however, I like the idea of the citizens having the opportunity to opt out if they want. I think that Riverdale has some first class recreation facilities and the potential to develop more. I believe that we have to be protective of these facilities and make sure that they benefit the residents of Riverdale first. This may mean finding ways to have the residents of other cities help to share in the cost of construction or maintenance of our facilities. I am a strong supporter of the Police and Fire departments, and would help ensure that they have adequate equipment and training.

I truly believe that the best governing is done by small local government. It is critical that each resident get out and vote and be involved in the decisions of the city. I want to help the citizens be informed and involved in the decisions that their city government is making. I will put all my energy into making sure that Riverdale is the best place to live, work, recreate, and shop.




Riverdale City - 4600 South Weber River Drive, Riverdale, Utah 84405 - 801-394-5541 - email: info@riverdalecity.com